Quick Mend, for #MendMarch Day 4

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram (which you should!) you’ll have seen I’m participating in #MendMarch ! On wordpress I tend to only post new pieces, and for #MendMarch I’ve dug into my old mends. Today however, I had something that needed a real quick fix, an easy invisible mend to share. Nothing fancy, no need to go into too much detail – but what I will share is that I love that when something like this happens, I hardly miss a beat, I stitch it up and away I go. Mending has become such a standard part of my life I hardly think about it sometimes.

May be an image of text that says '#MendMarch @VisibleMend I. Hello! 2. Kit. 3. Cross 4. Fix 5. Flux 6. Extra Hygge 8. Seated 9.Sated 10. Defeated 11. Hated.. 12. Make Friends Make aMENDs 14. Bends 15. Saggy 16. Brag 17. My year indoors 18. Adjustmend 19. Achievemend 20. Commitmend 21. Dimensional 22:Sensational 23. Bearable 24. Shareable 25. Viral 26. Spiral 27. Brutal 28. Darn/Farm 29.In/Out 30. Holiday Home'
No description available.
No description available.

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