Green Sweater – Patching in Place

My best friend came to visit me some time ago wearing this green sweater with the elbow totally blown out, like it was nothing, like that rip wasn’t getting bigger and bigger every time she washed it. LEMME AT IT! And here we are, I’m quite proud of the results, even though I wasn’t able to swiss darn like I’d initially hoped to.

The elbow hole just kept getting bigger on me as I tried to work, so I heavily reinforced the edges.
It’s one of those repairs that I don’t even know how to explain what I did, it just happened – perhaps someone will help me film it someday.

There was a second hole I repaired the same way near the bottom back of the sweater. I think the second repair looks much better.

If I could do anything different, I’d love to find a way to make this round style of patching in place lay more flat on the sweater, perhaps that will come with washes.

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