Preventative Mending – Covering tiny holes

I’ve not been able to post in a while! I’ve been busy working on The School of Needlework for Disobedient Women – which was a huge success.

When I went to get dressed today I found that one of my basic rayon dresses that I wear all the time had developed a cluster of tiny holes, giving me the opportunity to share this quick mend I do all the time.

I use my embroidery experience to cover each little hole with a star. It’s not very extravagant, but it doesn’t take long and it works really well with the stretchy rayon fabric. I’d say this is the most common mend that I do on my own clothing, it simply slows the growth of the holes down, allowing me to keep wearing my dress longer! These stretchy rayon garments aren’t great candidates for invisible mending anyways, so I went with a nice red thread, because if it’s gonna be visible, I’m gonna go all in.

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